Art Masterpiece

At Curious Kids we promote free art expression. The kids work on a special art masterpiece project several times in the year and have their completed works displayed in our art gallery. Unveiling day is looked forward to by parents and kids alike.

Preschool art is about the process, not the final product. There is so much a child can learn through art, such as colors, shapes, fine motor skills, communication skills, social skills as well as self-esteem.

In our Art Masterpiece program, the students choose the size and color of their canvas and decide how they want to exhibit their work. Once a gallery is mounted each class has an art appreciation lesson, where the kids get to see and talk not only about their work, but the others as well.

Through our art gallery our students learn that art can be fun and creative. Even though the students follow the same technique, the results are different and unique. We are always delighted and astonished by their creativity!