Gross Motor Skills

At Curious Kids we believe in exercising bodies as well as minds. As part of the Arizona Department of Health Services Empower Program we have teacher led physical activity in each of our classrooms every day. Not only does this help develop physical co-ordination but we encourage co-operation and team-work through group activities, and even include learning elements such as combining exercise with mathematics – mathercise!

Most of all, we want the kids to have fun and so we set up obstacle courses, laser mazes (using yarn for ‘laser beams’), play musical chairs, and during sports week we even have the kids kick football goals, shoot basketball hoops and have indoor T-ball. Our spacious classrooms have balance beams, tumbling mats, tunnels, hoops and other exercise equipment.

Group Exercise with All Our Pre-K Students Tumbling in Our 3s Class
Flying in The Pre-Ks! Parachute and Balls in the 2s – Fun & Co-ordination
Freeze Dance in the 2s Class Balance beam in the 3s Class