Chandler Kindergarten Entrance & Assessment

Children who are 5 years old by August 31st are eligible to enroll in CUSD kindergarten classes that begin in July that year. However, it is possible to enroll younger children who are 5 years old before the end of December if they pass the CUSD Kindergarten Readiness Test.

Enrollment into kindergarten is normally done in the February preceding the start of the school year in July. See the CUSD Kindergarten Registration page for details on how to do this. CUSD has an open enrollment policy, meaning you can apply to go to any elementary school in the district, although places are guaranteed only for your home school as defined by a boundary map.

In the months of May/June before entering Kindergarten, each CUSD elementary school assesses all registered children individually in what is known as the Kindergarten Individual Screening/Skills Test (KIST). This test discovers what each child knows and how they behave socially, and is used by the school to determine which class/teacher the child will be placed in. Through speaking directly with the local elementary schools Curious Kids Preschool has a good knowledge of KIST and we ensure that our curriculum exceeds all test points.

To aid parents prepare their children for entrance to kindergarten, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) provides a Kindergarten Readiness Handbook. All CUSD elementary school policies and information is covered in the CUSD Elementary Student Handbook.