Owner Clive Jervis

Clive moved to Chandler in 2003 from England and lives here with wife Ruth, and their two children.

As well as aiming to create a unique preschool experience for the kids, Clive wants to create a sense of community among the parents, children and staff. Being a scientist, he wants our curious kids to be amazed and inquisitive about the world around them, and likes to give demonstrations that range from dry-ice to steam engines.

Clive designed the curriculum for the school, and created its integrated reading & writing program founded on current research in the field. He carries his passion for science into the STEAM elements of the school’s curriculum.

Clive has a PhD in Mathematics and worked in software R&D for over 25 years before starting Curious Kids Preschool. He enjoys spending time with his family, swimming at the health club, and running his kids to soccer.

2s Teacher Tina Roehl

Tina recently moved to the Valley from Nashville and is loving it here so far. She has been happily married for over 11 years and has two wonderful boys, ages 7 and 8.  The family enjoy hiking together with their dog, Rusty, and exploring Arizona.

Tina graduated from the University of Florida and has elementary education teaching certifications in both Florida and Arizona. She has been a preschool teacher for over 3 years and also taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for 5 years.

Ms Tina joined the Curious Kids team in December 2019 and feels very proud and lucky to be part of such a passionate group of teachers.

Director & 3s Teacher Diana Garcia-Ortiz

Diana recently moved to Arizona from San Francisco CA, where she was born and raised. Diana has a BA in Humanities with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education, and has over 30 years of experience in the field. She can also speak Spanish fluently.

Diana has experienced many different positions in early education, but her heart has always been in the classroom. She loves making the classroom a fun-filled place of learning, creating, and imagining – where she gets the kids ready for the next level of education.

When not working with children, some of her favorite things to do are:
– mentoring other teachers,
– walking her dog,
– shopping,
– and staying up late to watch scary movies – by herself!

Pre-K Teacher Tyler Schreiber

Tyler was born and raised in Nebraska, and moved to Arizona in 2013 with his wife Jena, his son Colin, and now has a second boy. He worked as a Pre-K teacher for 4½ years in Lincoln, Nebraska and knew he wanted to continue working with kids. He is a dedicated teacher, who is always learning and finding new ways to teach his students. Tyler is in his sixth year at Curious Kids.

Tyler’s true passion is helping children develop to their full potential and has a particular love of developing gross motor skills through the likes of music and movement. His teaching style is unique, bringing the best out of every child.

Mr. Tyler is a big sports fan. He is in charge of the Sports after school program. In his free time, he enjoys hiking the mountains with his family and watching football.

Pre-K Teacher Sonya Arlberg

Sonya graduated from high school in Mesa, but left to attend college in Oklahoma. After getting married and having 3 beautiful daughters, she returned 9 years ago to be with her family.

Although she has a BA in Human Services with a focus in criminal justice, her true passion is teaching preschool!She has taught 2 year olds through kindergarten in both public and private schools, but loves teaching 4 year olds the best. She loves their honesty and enthusiasm for life, and enjoys helping them get ready for kindergarten.

In her spare to she likes to cook, ride horses, read, and spend time with her family.

Manager Ruth Dávila

Ruth is a native Spanish speaker from Mexico City who moved to Arizona in 2003 with her English husband, Clive. Since her two kids were born, she started teaching them Spanish and so both are fully bilingual. Her professional background is marketing and she is also the person behind the art gallery in our school. Ruth’s focus is on learning through everyday activities, fun songs, books and dancing.

Ruth is also the yoga teacher at Curious Kids Preschool. She is a Certified Kids Yoga Instructor by Rainbow Kids Yoga. Her classes are a mix of Spanish, dance and games, that are fun, fun, fun! She practiced yoga for over 10 years before she became an instructor.

Ms. Ruth believes an open mind to the world is important. Learning about other traditions and customs is good for a culture of tolerance and acceptance. It is important to be informed, to ask questions and to not be judgemental. Ruth has lived in France and is also fluent in French.

In her spare time, Ms. Ruth enjoys being with her family, traveling, cooking, watching movies and practicing yoga.