Kids are curious by nature. At Curious Kids Preschool our mission is to foster that curiosity through a fun, STEAM curriculum approach, with hands-on learning experience that will provide our students with the best foundation for Kindergarten, be it charter, CTA, or district school.

What is STEAM? STEAM means Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Curious Kids provides a safe, clean environment with dynamic and challenging curricula to develop our children’s academic and social abilities through age-related programs. Because of our small class sizes, each student gets the one-on-one attention they need to develop at their individual pace.

We also nurture a rounded development through:

  • instilling good manners and core values,
  • teaching good environmental practices such as the 3Rs: reducing, reusing & recycling,
  • learning the importance of nutrition and exercise as part of promoting good health,
  • open children’s minds to other cultures and customs.

At Curious Kids we believe that kids have enough exposure to television, phones, computers/tablets and games consoles, so we are a screen-free preschool.

As part of our commitment to health, nutrition and exercise Curious Kids participates in the Arizona Department of Health Services Empower Program.